How You Can Help

The Problem

  • 68.8% of all adults in the US are considered obese or overweight
  • Fitness is at an all-time worst
  • Obesity-related diseases and conditions (such as diabetes) are becoming increasingly common problems, and taking a significant toll on society, including medical costs.

The Solution

  • Make fitness cool and popular.  Encourage activity at all ages and get people up and moving by utilizing different activities that are fun and able for people of a variety of ages.
  • Encourage healthy but tasty solutions to better diets as much as possible.
  • Move to more realistic solutions that encompass larger portions of the country, rather than specific solutions that appeal only to those most serious about health.
  • Deal in information as a weapon.  Encourage fun activities and unique diets through 21st century techniques (social media campaigns, text messages, Snapchat, and other online based methods).