Our Goals


Acquagyo-41 was an initiative founded in 2015 in order to turn the tide and make America healthier than it ever has been before.  In recent years, America has experienced an unprecedented crisis that has gone largely under-reported and ignored.  Although most Americans know we have rising obesity rates, they are unaware of the consequences of those actions.  Diseases like stroke, diabetes, and various other diseases have been increasing at unprecedented rates.  Healthcare costs have skyrocketed, and for the first time in decades, experts are predicting the average life expectancy may begin dropping again.  Quality of life is suffering, and we are seeing complications that could be easily avoided.



ACQAGYO-41 is an acronym.  We carefully considered our core principles and made them into an acronym to represent them.  It stands for:

A: America.  This is an American-centrist initiative that focuses on solving American obesity.

C: Captivate.  We need to captive Americans with exciting and new approaches to old problems.

Q: Quickly.  These changes have to happen quickly, or the current consequences we are facing will pale in comparison to the new ones that will come up.

A: Active.  We need to get America active and moving.

G: Getup.  We have to get America up from the computer desk and TVs and video games.

Y: Yearly.  Yearly events to help advertise our cause.

O:  Obesity.  Our success will be measured by America’s obesity rate, a simple yet effective means of tracking our progress.

41:  Our overall goal.  In 41 years, we wish to have reduced America’s obesity rate to under 10%.  Although this goal is lofty, we feel it is achievable.  There are many other individuals and groups that are helping us in our pursuit.